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Contact form

The process in detail

You contact me by email, call or use the contact form and we will make an appointment to get to know each other for the first time.
Initial consultation
During a telephone conversation or online meeting, we consider which percussion is right for your music. If you have your own ideas, feel free to send me an audio sketch or midi file in advance.
Your audio files
After you have received and agreed to my project proposal and cost estimate, you send me your audio files.
I'm sending you my overdub recordings (without effects/plugins), which I've already edited initially (including bouncing).
You can easily pay for my high-quality percussion tracks via Paypal or international bank transfer.

Hi there, I am Job

After learning vibraphone and marimba as a teenager, I gained experience in various rhythm traditions from around the world, such as Cuba, Brazil, West Africa, India and the Middle East. Since I don’t feel particularly committed to any one tradition, I mix all these influences with my individual ideas into my own vocabulary, which I call “Esperanto Percussion”.