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Feel the pulsating beat, hear the distinctive sound colors and discover how my percussion recordings can take your music to a new level. Welcome to the variety of sounds at Second Wind Studio!

Open All The Doors

Steht zusammen

Tumbleweed's Drift-Mignonne


Between 2006 and 2010 I did several tours through England, Wales and the Netherlands with this singer-songwriter duo from Wales and the USA. In the summer of 2007 we recorded the album “Open All The Doors” in the south of Wales, which was released at the beginning of 2008 and in which I am involved not only as a percussionist but also as a co-arranger and co-producer. The single “Storm” is a good example of the combination of rhythm and sound colors which I love: to enhance the meaning of the lyrics and the energy of the music with sound colors, in addition to providing the groove of the piece.

Blauer Mond

Tod wie ein Stein


Das weiße Tor

Another example of rhythm and sound painting combined. A single by the German singer-songwriter MARIE from her album “Aus dem Wolkenversteck” (released in May 2021) that I co-arranged and co-produced. A wide variety of percussion instruments can be heard on this album: from a calabash set (my “Heartbeat Kit”) to nature sounds and much more!

Show Bizz Kids

Cold Blue Steel

Your Song?