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Hybrid Setups

Discover the sophisticated combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern creativity with my three unique hybrid setups. In my Second Wind Studio I combine acoustic percussion elements in an innovative way to give your music a very special touch. Experience the versatility of my percussion skills and discover how these three individual setups can enrich your songs or compositions in fascinating ways.


Immerse yourself in an extensive sound universe, where a special selection of instruments from all over the world, collected over many years, meets my acoustic sound creations and custom-made instruments. In my studio I fuse traditional craftsmanship with modern creativity to create a unique sonic aesthetic. Experience the versatility of my instrument combinations and discover how all of these individual elements will enhance and color the soundscape of your music. 

Hand Drums

Frame Drums

Talking Drums


Shakers & Tambourines

Metal Percussion


Sound Effects

Nature Sounds

Special Thanks

to all the instrument builders and companies: Pete Engelhart & Steve Hubback for their unique and incredible hand-forged percussion, Frank Giorgini RIP, Walter Ivan Heath (Hadgini), Valter Kinbom (Aludu) & Majid Karami (Wood Udu) for their special udu drums, my friends Eric Holland & Mike Meadows @ Swan Percussion (Austin, Texas) for my custom Black Swan GomeKick, Matthias Haffner @ Haffner & Perander Percussion for the world’s greatest pandeiros (obrigado!), Joe Galeota (Jag Drums) for his superb talking drums, the innovative John Stannard (OM Percussion & Hammerax) for his amazing chimes, templeblocks, cymbals & effects, Luuk Kranenburg (Qsticks) & Korbinian Kirchner (Raw Percussion) for the best sounding rods & brooms in the business, Jaap Stiggelbout (Groningen, Netherlands) for developing and building the Esperanto Handdrums & Snaron with me, Joost Koopmans @ JK Drumsystems for fanastic drum carpets and positioning tools, Pearl Music Europe for their generous help with my hardware, GEWA Music (Nico Nevermann) & Box of Trix (Sibi Siebert) for their endorsements and Chris Wakelin @ Remo USA for his help at all times. Last but not least, a small list of craftsmen who helped me in customizing instruments, hardware & cases including Gerrit Kolhof, Alexander Schob (Klapproth Feinmechanik), Christian Baur, Clemens Wolten and finally my dad Frank Verweijen. I could not have created my little sound universe over the years without you… Eternal thanks!